Eric Tchaikovsky (DJ, columnist, vinyl collector)


A huge experience of participation, organization and conduct of the show (on stage and on air) in the range of « geography without borders ». This is facilitated by his passionate and temperamental love of travel; experience of life in a variety of cities and countries. He lovingly organized and conducted various show projects in Odessa, Kiev, Cologne, Amsterdam and other cities. For a long time he used to be a resident of a various platforms: Europa Plus radio (Mariupol), Nostalgie radio (Mariupol),  NESS radio (Worldwide), The Fitz bar (Odessa), Zelda bar (Odessa), El Corazon restaurant (Odessa), Gesheft market (Odessa), Business Zavarnik Media, #Hi5Odessa and others. Eric Tchaikovsky grew up with twilight radio sounds, word experiments, atoms, letters, books and rare beats.