"A bunch of Dazz“
DJ Dazz met this crazy guy called Michael Dehli! They started listening to all kinds of hip hop, funk and techno all day long! So they traveled all over Austria to party and get influenced by different styles and mixing skills! He is proud to be not only one of Michael Dehli´s best friends but also a distinguished member of Roadmusic. Now he decided not only to manage and promote the label, so DAZZ stepped in front of the audience! He always calls it the funky fresh sound! He was influenced by different styles of music and labels like Mo´Wax, Waxolutionists, Miles Davis...! He is a big connoisseur of old-school/funk/trip-hop/jazz and this is the sound he is playing, (of course there could be a little bit House). And like Art Blakey said before: "I'm not a hypocrite, I make mistakes on stage. And my mistakes are loud. But that's the joy of music. You learn."