At the beginning of his interests in music arts, Eldar Pak´s first lesson was to listen patiently and intensely to the different levels of sounds and to understand the intentions of people´s passion to create high-quality-music. The passion of the others developed his capillary sense of listening at all. First he came in touch with techno-music when he was 15. Since then he went on with DJ-ing for several years. His talent and acceptance by the audience brought him quickly the opportunity to play in front of hundreds of people in famous austrian clubs. Now Eldar Pak is producing his own stuff, his favourite music-style is deep-house and tech-house. He doesn´t want to produce simply, he wants to bring himself and his audience to some higher levels to get in touch with the one and only meaning of music: the possibility to melt into affections and consciousness.


Mixes will follow soon