I basically grew up in my father’s record store, and so it came, that music would cast its spell on me and to this day I very rarely leave house without my headphones on and a taperecorder in my pocket. I love the sound of music, the feeling of it, the endless possibilities of combining tones, noises, textures and rhythm to a song or piece and, of course, creating and sharing it with the people around me.
When I was 15 I taught myself how to play guitar. Other instruments would follow and by deejaying occasionally, I also plunged into electronic music. Although I come from Live-Band-music or “organic music”, as I like to refer to it, there is some sort of magic to electronically created music. The work with oscillators is both musical and visual, because shaping or composing with a synthesizer can sometimes be more of a handcraft than music. When I am composing, even the slightest modulation of a waveform can lead me into a new direction, and I like to think of it as the random component in my sound, that I find very intriguing. Whether I play with my bands (BEAT BEAT, :thebigempty, EXTRATURBO) or as a DJ, I always want to create something new. No set is the same, no sound is the same. Music ain’t written in stone and is always evolving, and I love to participate in it!